Apple Confit and Cinnamon Caramel Parfait

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  Video Classes Include the following lessons

  •  Cinnamon Caramel Powder
  •  Red Wine Caramel
  •  Cinnamon Caramel Parfait
  •  Apple Confit
  •  Cinnamon Sablee
  •  Apple Cider Sphere
  •  Vanilla Ice Cream
  •  Plate up and Assembly

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Watch Chef Michael Lasikonis as he masterfully prepares elegant desserts that balance both the art and science behind the pastry world, while deftly combining traditional and contemporary techniques during his instruction. Learn from one of the leading experts on plated desserts who once helmed the pastry kitchen at Le Bernadin in New York City for eight consecutive years.   Chef Laiskonis teaches a variety of techniques as part of this comprehensive, balanced, plated dessert, “Cinnamon-Caramel Parfait.” Throughout the lesson, Chef Laiskonis demonstrates his approach to each recipe, while discussing the types of ingredients used as he works. Featured are more traditional methods shown through classic components, including “Vanilla Ice Cream” and “Cinnamon Sablée,” in addition to the more modernist skills demonstrated through recipes such as his “Apple Cider Spheres.” Chef Laiskonis’ instruction easily reveals the how and why behind using complex ingredients, like xanthan gum and sodium alginate, just as simply as how to properly combine common kitchen staples like butter and sugar.   Each of the recipes featured as part of his “Cinnamon-Caramel Parfait” includes components and valuable techniques that can be tailored to your own shop or kitchen’s pastry needs.  So join him in creating this sophisticated dessert, or venture off and make it your own, the choice is yours! But, come learn one-on-one from one of the world’s finest pastry chefs as he guides you through the steps to get there.   Classes at Pastry U come with a downloadable PDF of all the recipes mentioned here and a downloadable personalized certificate upon completion of the quiz. So enjoy nearly 60 minutes with Chef Michael Laiskonis as he walks you through, step-by-step, the components and techniques needed to create each dessert.



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