Dark Chocolate Cremeux

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  Video Classes Include the following lessons


  •  Dark Chocolate Cremeux
  •  Coconut Sorbet
  •  Chocolate Sauce
  •  Lime Meringue
  •  Mango Pearls
  •  Lime Caramel
  •  Cocoa Sablee
  •  Vanilla Salt
  •  Dark Chocolate Cremeux Assembly

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In Chef Laiskonis’ second video he uses inspiration from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Chef creates a beautiful dessert featuring chocolate, but pairs it with the flavors he found locally. The class again features both classic and modern techniques. From a Coconut sorbet and cocoa sable to the more modern Mango pearls and Eggless lime meringue.
All the Components are then plated to experience the combinations of flavors, textures and colors. The classes come with downloadable Pdf’s of all the recipes. The classes are great for chefs just starting out to a more advanced level chef.

Course Reviews

  1. Information overload is a good thing
    Chef Laiskonis is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to share it. He has a way of explaining the reasoning and science behind the techniques in such an easy way to understand. It’s information like that which helps pastry chefs adapt and successfully change recipes to suit our needs and ideas. The amount of information covered in just this course was astounding, covering a wide variety of topics.

  2. Avatar of Souffle Souffle says:

    Great First Class!
    I really enjoyed this first video class! Getting to see Chef Laiskonis work and follow along as he created each recipe was very helpful and I feel I took away a lot from it. Especially when he made the mango pearls. I’ve always thought techniques like that were super complicated, but he made it seem very accessible and doable, even for a beginner. I like how I can go back and forth between the videos too, and if I miss something, I can just replay it. Love it and can’t wait for more!

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